• Only current faculty members are eligible to vote.

  • Each voter must select nine candidates whom they think are best suited to serve the upcoming year.

  • Under the "CANDIDATES" section below, the voter can find a description of all canditates and why they think they are best suited for SACES.

  • Below the "CANDIDATES" section, under the heading "VOTE", the voter is expected to select 9 different candidates.

  • After ALL 9 candidates have been selected, the voter must then click the "SUBMIT" button to confirm their selection.

  • Please only submit ONE vote.

  • The voter's personal details including: ID Card number, Name and University Email are required to ensure that only students from the faculty vote. All personal information will be kept private.

  • If any of the above requirements are not met, the voter's selection will be considered invalid.

  • The order in which candidates are selected will not effect the appointment of roles.



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