We used to speak of creativity as a divine inspiration that only a select few were truly blessed with but this now has evolved into an attainable skill crucial in today’s highly competitive business climate. A particular question on creativity that I once read completely changed my perspective on this abstract tool. It discussed the creative process in asking what are we actually doing when we craft beauty, when we connect the dots and vocalise inspiration - Are we creating something that is not there or are we merely transcribing? It’s this idea that when we are at our most creative we are not even creating but we become a medium, channelling something greater than ourselves. The notion of Inspiration, to be inspired, is breathing in and as creatives we exhale what we’ve taken in. Those that seek creativity are then psychonauts, diving in new mind spaces to explore Plato’s realm of ideals. As navigators of such mental places we must have the willingness to leave our comfort zone and get lost as Dr. Timothy Leary said: "You have to go out of your mind to use your head". Getting out of your way and entering a flow state of wild, heightened thought that artists manage to get hold of and domesticate towards a creative end. Through the creative process we decondition our thoughts and mental reactions to stimuli in order to see reality through a different lens. We capture visions from these ecstatic places which we then bring back to share and that is why I believe that we should all be humbled by the capabilities of creativity.